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Behr Iron & Metal is a multifaceted recycling firm that has been serving industry since 1906. Our “full service” processing facilities accept borings, turnings, punchings, screw stock, stampings and other scrap from industries across the Midwest. Behr has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect the environment and management has pledged a continuing commitment to this endeavor. In order to create an absolute safe harbor for our customers, Behr Iron & Metal has developed some of the most advanced scrap handling facilities in the nation.

We Buy:
Iron and Steel—All Grades, All Forms
Including, but not limited to:
Shredder Tin (Misc. Scrap Metal, Household Appliances, etc.)
Car Bodies
Unclean Motor Blocks
Sheet Iron
Heavy Torch (Machinery & Equipment)
Shear Scrap Iron and Steel
Plate & Structural
Heavy Breakable Cast
#1 and #2 Cast Iron
Machine Shop Turnings

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Behr Iron & Metal is a direct seller of ferrous scrap to the ultimate consumers – steel mills and foundries. We take great pride in shipping a high quality product to meet the material specifications of each of our consumers.

We Sell (including but not limited to):
Foundry Products
#1 Cast
Auto Cast
Gates and Risers
1008-1010 Busheling
Carbon Punchings
Cold Briquettes
2 ft. and under Rail Crops
2 ft. and under Foundry Steel
2 ft. and under Plate
2 ft. and under Heavy Plate

                 Steel Mill Grades
                 #1 Heavy Melt
                 #2 Heavy Melt
                 #1 Dealer Bundles
                 #1 ½ Dealer Bundles
                 #2 Dealer Bundles
                 #1 Busheling
                 #1 RR Heavy Melt
                 Tin Plate Bundles
                 Shredded Steel
                 Machine Shop Turnings
                 Shoveling Turnings
                 Cast Iron Borings
                 Low Alloy 5 ft. and under
                 Low Alloy 2 ft. and under
                 Stove Plate