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Behr Iron & Metal produces a full line of high quality babbitt alloys, which are used as anti-friction liners in the bearing industry. For more information on babbitt alloys, please download our white paper "Babbitt Alloys".


  • We always have #2 babbitt in stock
  • Behr can produce any tin or lead-based alloy to meet your custom requirements
  • We can produce tin-based babbitt alloys to comply with your tolerance levels, including low-lead
  • All babbitt shipments include a certificate of analysis
  • Babbitt is available in ingot, notch bar & wire forms
View a complete list of babbitt alloy specifications through the links below:
SAE J460 Specifications


Behr Iron & Metal pays top dollar for your tin, lead, babbitt & solder scrap. We specialize in processing turnings, drosses and skimmings. Allow us to either buy your scrap items or provide credit towards your next babbitt purchase.

As an ISO 14001 certified company, you can rest assured that our recycling processes are inspected by the EPA for environmental compliance. Have peace of mind in knowing that your scrap will be properly recycled!


Behr Iron & Metal also produces a wide range of lead products in sow, ingot and notch bar forms, including:

Secondary Lead Sows 
99%+ Lead Ingot 
Custom Specification Alloys—allow us to meet your needs