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EARN MONEY FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION—schools, churches, Girl and Boy Scouts, community groups, sports teams, etc.—a no-cost fundraiser!

1. Borrow our recycling trailer for FREE!
2. Collect aluminum cans.
3. Return the recycling trailer and aluminum cans to Behr.
4. GET CA$H!

Tips for a successful aluminum can fundraiser:
1. Plan the drive 1-3 months in advance.
2. Decide when and where it will be held and who will be helping.
3. Decide how the money raised will be spent. 
4. Contact Behr to save the date for use of their FREE recycling trailer.*
5. Advertise. 
6. Collect cans. Ask friends and neighbors to help collect, also. 
7. Hold the fundraiser and collect the cans.
8. Bring the cans to Behr Iron & Metal and get CA$H! Behr will pay
    premium pricing for the cans, over the listed price.

* You can borrow the trailer, as needed.

Trailers are available at these locations:

Machesney Park, IL: 815-987-2680 
Monroe, WI: 608-325-2410 
Peoria, IL: 309-637-4491
Rockford, IL: 815-987-2680
South Beloit, IL: 815-987-2680
Woodstock, IL: 815-206-5511