Behr Iron & Metal operates solely in the metal recycling industry. We buy, process and sell scrap metals sourced from industry, obsolete materials, plant tear-downs, construction and other sources.

Scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metal is delivered to our premises by truck and rail or picked up by our own trucking company. The scrap we receive is prepared to consumer specification utilizing a broad range of processing equipment. Our scrap is shipped in the most cost effective way by truck, rail or barge, based on the needs of the consumer.

Behr Iron & Metal’s facilities are located in the Midwest, spanning three states—Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. We manage eleven full service scrap operations and two free standing drive through collection facilities. We operate three shredders, five guillotine shears and a myriad of other processing equipment such as cranes, balers and specialized equipment. We source a substantial amount of raw material by partnering with Fortune 500 companies, small manufacturers and scrap yard producers of all sizes.

We have environmental, engineering and construction workers on staff to ensure proper ecological handling of your scrap and to enhance the services we can offer your company.

BEHR IRON & METAL VALUES (in no particular order)

I. Core values

  • Superior customer service
  • Honor all commitments
  • Safety, safety, safety
  • Respect for all employees
  • Environmental correctness

II. Best Practices

Behr is the best company to handle your recycling. We hope we are successful in the bidding. If you decide to remain with your current vendor or go a different direction, we hope these "Best Practices" will help your company receive the maximum dollars for its scrap and comply with all applicable regulations.

  • Verify, every month, that the price you are being paid is the same as the published or quoted price. Maintain a good paper trail. Is the price your company receives for its scrap based on a published index? Do you receive that index? Are you sure that your present scrap vendor is paying based on the formula your company was quoted? Does your paperwork show the weight, material type and price for every load? Remember Sarbanes Oxley audits require this information!
  • Verify that your company is being paid for ALL of its scrap. Do you check your weights, both shipped and settled, on a regular basis? Do you have a scale or use an independent 3rd party scale? Do you know what your scrap generation (shrinkage) should be and how close it is to what you were paid for?
  • Verify that your company's scrap vendor is disposing of your scrap in an environmentally sound manner. Are they ISO 14001 environmentally certified? Have you or your environmental person visited (audited) your scrap vendor's facility to ensure compliance with all local, state and federal EPA regulations? Do you have documentation on file from your scrap vendor verifying compliance?